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Turbo Hydraulic System:
Simple to retrofit for fuel saving
and increased total engine efficiency

Compact complete system

Rexroth is involved in the development of the revolutionary Turbo Hydraulic System for recovering energy from exhaust gas in large engines - with the complete hydraulic system comprised of:

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic unit with control manifold

This extremely compact and rugged system is designed for both original equipment implementation and retrofit for small and medium-sized large engines. It provides quick and easy fuel savings of up to 4%, and emission reduction due to reduced consumption.


Rugged technology with very short payback period

Hydraulic axial piston pumps are driven by a turbocharger gearbox which enables kinetic energy to be harvested from the exhaust gas volume flow and converted into hydraulic energy. This energy is fed back into the large engine crank-shaft via a hydraulic motor. This additional supply of energy results:

  • a reduction in fuel consumption of up to four percent dependent on engine load
  • reduced emissions
  • an increase in the overall efficiency of the large 2-stroke engine

The first turbo hydraulic system started its successful service on the world's oceans in 2012.
The recovered hydraulic energy can also be used for other engine functions.

The compact and rugged design is also ideal for retrofits as well, and cost amortization takes less than three years, depending on the engine size. Where else can ecology and economy be combined so easily?

Turbo Hydraulic System