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Marex OSII for controllable pitch propellers


Designed for the application with diesel engines, this type of Marex OS II-control can be found on passenger vessels and work boats, freight carriers as well as on motor and sailing yachts of all kinds and sizes to operate safely and efficiently controllable pitch propellers and jet propulsions. Meanwhile, the remote control is also applied on vessels with diesel-electric and comparable propulsion systems.


  • The right system for your application: The remote control is set up especially and individually to meet your requirements and special demands on design and function.
  • Classification: We are familiar with the guidelines of the classification societies. On request, your system will be type-approved in our company including drawing approval and factory acceptance tests (FAT).
  • Additional safety because classification rules are met: Even if your system needs no approval by a classification society: All components meet the major requirements and are therefore especially reliable.
  • Additional safety by increased availability: The control components communicate over a serial CAN-bus which ensures an extremely safe control procedure and the availability of the control system at all times.
  • Reduced time and effort for commissioning : The systems are preadjusted in our factory and are ready for operation after review and fine adjustment through our service team. The components are ready to plug in, the cables preassembled.
  • Service: After the commissioning, we will not leave you: Our service team and a worldwide network of service partners will support you should the need arise.


The remote control system controls engine revolutions and pitch of controllable pitch propellers relative to their load, or, respectively, the jet propulsion. It also actuates PTO and PTI, shaft brake, sailing position (including monitoring by a standby pump). The components are connected by preassembled cables and communicate over a serial CAN-bus which ensures an extremely safe control procedure. Information from the safety system can be included in the control procedure.


  • The engine revolutions can be controlled mechanically, pneumatically or electrically.
  • Engine revolutions and pitch can be adjusted individually or together (combinator mode).
  • Different characteristic curves for speed and propeller pitch as well as defined speed levels can be selected by push buttons.


  • Control heads for single or multiples engines for the combined or separate setting of engine speed and propeller pitch or jet propulsion
  • Operating modules for the operation and display of special functions
  • Operating modules for speed, propeller pitch and sense
  • Configurable display for remote control data and information on control conditions
  • Control unit with remote control software and in-/output components
  • I/0-extension board and module
  • Cables ready to plug in connecting the control components
  • Actuator for mechanical speed adjustment and mechanical pitch or, respectively, bucket adjustment
  • Accessories such as push-/pull cables, connectors, adapters
Control head type 230

Control head type 230

Control head type 244

Control head type 244

Control head type 230

Control head type 230