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Remote Control Systems


As an experienced original equipment manufacturer we provide controls for engines, clutches, gears, jet propulsions and controllable pitch propellers, on which the shipbuilding industry as well as owners, ship-owning companies and shipyards rely.


Marex OS II

Thanks to its modular design, the remote control Marex OS II can be adapted individually to the respective propulsion system.

  • Engine characteristic lines for economic operation, overload control and adjustable delay times for smooth and efficient gear shifting are only a small extract of the functions the Marex OS II provides.
  • Its backbone, the control unit MPC (Marine Propulsion Control), combines an effective CPU and electronic in- and outputs.
  • Emergency control available on request
  • Optimized for reversing gear systems and controllable pitch propellers

Marex OS II for reversing gear systems

Marex OS II for controllable pitch propellers (CPP)

Marex OS VBR for Voith-Schneider-Propellers

In close cooperation with Voith Turbo this control has been optimized for the operation of Voith-Schneider-Propellers.

  • Flexible in the adaptation to the propulsion system
  • Flexible in the adaptation to the vessel's operation
  • Extremely safe thanks to redundant bus layout and hardware

Marex OS Voith Bosch Rexroth (VBR)

Marex SB

Optimized for small yachts and work boats, the Marex SB is perfectly suitable for retrofits as well.

  • For reversing gear systems, controllable pitch propellers and water jet propulsions
  • Replaces sluggish mechanical controls
  • Can be adapted individually to the propulsion system
  • Saves installation and cabling costs due to CAN-bus technology
  • Represents a most accurate engine control while requiring low operation forces