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Voith Schneider Propeller


Since 2002 Bosch Rexroth have been developing controls for ships with Voith Schneider propulsions. In addition to the electronic remote control, hydraulic components are applied to adjust the VSP control shaft. Work boats such as platform supply vessels, tug boats, cable and buoy laying vessels as well as double ended ferries are equipped with this special type of propulsion system which combines excellent maneuverability with highest safety and availability.

Voith Schneider Propeller


Using a joystick, the operator sets the amount and direction of the thrust. The control generates signals to actuate the hydraulic cylinders and valves which adjust the longitudinal and transverse thrust of the Voith Schneider propeller. > VSP control scheme

Particularly with platform supply vessels, absolute safety of operation is imperative. The control's electronics provide a redundant system which ensures the ship remains maneuverable at all times.

Active roll stabilization, a patent-registered invention by Voith Turbo, increases the operational readiness of platform supply vessels with rough seas. Developed in close cooperation by Voith Turbo, Esders and Rexroth, this innovation reduces the heave of a ship, cruising or at standstill.


  • Operating elements
  • Control of the propulsion aggregates
Hydraulic cylinders and valves adjusting the amount and direction of the propeller thrust

VSP control station on Julsund ferry Magnifier

VSP control station on Julsund ferry