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As the general contractor for the flexible and extremely powerful stage management system, Bosch Rexroth AG planned, installed and commissioned more than 600 electric and hydraulic drives as well as the stage control system for the upper stage and lower stage machinery. Planning was carried out using the very latest in-house simulation and calculation software based on experience gained from many theater projects worldwide.

  • Lower stage machinery

    A 16-meter hoist is used to move the seven large stage podia up and down at up to 0.7 meters a second with no jolts or shocks. And none of this is to be heard in the auditorium: not only is the hydraulic power unit very quiet, but Rexroth has also placed it at the lowest point of the basement, as far away from the audience as possible.

  • Upper stage machinery

    The winches in the upper stage machinery perform a variety of tasks for the action on stage. There are 120 bar hoists and 100 point hoists in total. Each of these drives can raise and lower loads of up to one ton at a speed of up to 1.8 m/s. Very quiet machine technology combined with effective sound insulation prevents disturbing noises.

  • Stage control system

    Rexroth uses its own specially developed stage control system to operate the many functions. Control terminals are located at various places in the theater. At the same time, operators have a complete overview of the control system on their consoles and can program the sequences for the show in graphic form.

    The integrated autocorrection and numerous software functions simplify daily operations. A scenery database manages all the scenery in the theater. The grid management system takes into account all of the sceneries currently connected to the machinery, preventing accidental collisions. Operators can thus carry out even complex tasks while ensuring maximum availability at the same time. Production computers are used to program, archive and simulate sequences on stage.

    Axis controllers handle the travel commands for controlled movements, while status computers provide information on the operating status. The system is designed to function fully even if one of the components breaks down.

  • Safety

    A sophisticated sensor system and numerous software functions in the Rexroth stage control system preclude the possibility of dangerous situations. The huge movable front and rear safety curtains (iron curtain) and the automatic smoke hood meet the highest standards of fire safety.