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Tough application

Safely dissipates heat in EMU (electric multiple unit) trains operating under extreme conditions

Ingenious solution

Customized and energy-efficient cooling units in lightweight frames, which withstand intense shock/vibration and extreme differences in temperature


  • Ready-to-mount units delivered directly to the manufacturing lines
  • Spare parts supply guaranteed for 40 years
Railway Cooler

Solved with

  • Engineering
  • 3D flow simulation
  • Application-driven cooling system with Rexroth technology

Lightweight, Cost Saving, Energy-efficient: Cooling Units for Regional Trains

Cooling Units for Extreme Temperature application on EMU trains, leave the station on time

Rexroth has been an important development and system partner for Siemens Rail Systems for many years. For the new regional trains of the Desiro class regional trains delivered by Siemens to the Russian State Railway RŽD, Rexroth provided cooling units specifically designed to sustainably cope with arduous climate conditions.

During the XXII Olympic Winter Games, Russia welcomed the world as their guest in Sochi. Prior to this major event, the Russian State Railway RŽD invested in state-of-the-art railway technology, in order to meet the tremendous demand, soon to be placed on the transport infrastructure. Siemens Rail Systems supplied regional trains of the Desiro class, which had to be modified to accommodate the climate conditions in the area surrounding the Olympic sports facilities.


The Energy-Efficient Way to Maintain the Optimal Operating Temperature

Because of their elegance and minimal operational noise, the electrical five-unit trains are fondly called "Lastochka" (russ.: "swallow"). Delivering 2,550 kW, they reach a maximum speed of app. 160 km/h. The trains are equipped with especially powerful Rexroth cooling units , which keep the operational temperature of the traction motor within the optimal range even under extreme conditions. The air ducts were optimized by 3D flow simulation, such that the air intakes do not even need to be heated in snowy weather.

Extremely Tough Lightweight Technology

Utilization of production know-how for this region resulted in cooling assemblies for the "Swallow" that are mounted on robust lightweight frames situated on the train roof. The construction is extremely solid and copes well with intense vibration at all temperatures.


Long-term Spare Parts Supply

Rexroth delivered 216 ready-to-mount cooling units for these EMU trains to the manufacturing lines in Germany and Russia. The supply of spare parts will be guaranteed for more than 40 years. Naturally, some components of the cooling technology may be replaced by more modern, backwardly compatible elements over the course of time.