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Hydrostatic and electric driven cooling systems:
energy-efficient and quiet

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    For decades Rexroth has been a system partner providing the engineering and manufacture of complete hydrostatically and electrically-driven cooling systems for rail vehicles. Rexroth rail experts satisfy those special requirements of energy efficiency, project-specific contingecies, and noise reduction.

Traction inverter cooling system

Rexroth produces energy-efficient cooling systems, rail vehicle drive trains and auxiliary units based on a variety of technologies. Whether cooling diesel engines, transformers, traction drive systems, generator or converters, Rexroth specialists provide tailor-made solutions. They take advantage of all the opportunities offered by electrical and hydrostatic fan drive systems.

A unique feature is the innovative patented fan control for variable-speed hydrostatic fan drives.


Complete system partner

The scope of the services which provided for the implementation of cooling systems ranges from modular assemblies and components to complete plug-and-play systems. Whether it is mounted under the roof or the floor, we customize each cooling system to the rail vehicle and the available installation space. An integrated approach is used to evaluate the cooling system as a whole. Using state-of-the-art software we simulate and optimize all fluid flow, or even complete vehicles. Our results are incorporated into the manufacturers' vehicle simulation results.

Innovative noise insulation systems

A reduction in noise emissions is an increasingly important requirement for rail vehicles, and consequently for their cooling systems. Rexroth has developed innovative sound insulation systems, therby helping manufacturers meet current noise emission standards.