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Engineering and simulation: Economical development and optimization of systems

Engineering and Simulation

The increasing complexity of applications in rail vehicles requires the use of modern engineering methods. Even in the early phase of the development process, feasibility studies are needed as a basis to be used for defining the system and components. Rexroth provides simulations of entire drive systems for this purpose which evaluate at an early stage the interplay of the environment and the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems and the software.

More and more machine manufacturers are relying on simulation programs in order to speed up improvements and to reduce development time and costs. However, the programs that are available on the market often only depict sub-systems of the machines, and do not take account of the peculiarities of the fluid technology used.

Based on its worldwide applications experience in various industrial sectors, Rexroth has developed its own simulation programs which incorporate comprehensive component libraries and which consequently make detailed and reliable modeling of drive systems possible in a short period of time.

In the course of its joint planning and development with the machine manufacturers, Rexroth uses these simulation programs to verify the dynamics which customer applications can achieve during normal operation. Or in extreme and emergency situations such as power and component failures or emergency shut-downs, to verify the design of the drive component’s dimensioning and operating circumstances. Rexroth suggests control concepts for these applications, how to parameterize them.

This preliminary “virtual commissioning” can replace costly real machine prototypes. Even extreme situations, which cannot be tested in reality due to machine and personal safety considerations, can be investigated. What's more, this means that it is possible to highlight potential problems prior to actual implementation, and to eliminate them with little effort. The simulation also provides access to all the desired measurements of the drive system and the machine, even those which are hard or impossible to ascertain in real machines.