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Hydraulics for railway maintenance of way machinery:
green light for operation around the clock

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    Whether the need is linear or rotary drives, the lifting of loads with a powerful hydraulic system, or precise positioning - Rexroth alwawys has the right drive solution.


With its complete and varied range of products Rexroth always has a great solution for nearly all applications. The optimal blend of hydraulic and electrical drives enables productivity to be maximized.

Advantages of hydraulic drives:

  • Superior power density, force and torque levels combined with small isntallation space.
  • Stepless adjustability of speed, torque, and power over a wide range.
  • Travel under full load, full torque at zero speed.
  • Small space requirements and modularity make ideal structural design adaptations to the existing installation space possible. High efficiency levels due to central drive systems and decentralized use of the hydraulic energy. Parallel operation of linear and rotary drive elements in one hydraulic system.
  • Simple integration of the overload protection, and simple energy storage.
  • Well suited to rapid motion sequences and extremely slow precision movements.
  • Complete system solutions for high levels of performance in harsh environments.