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Auxiliary drives -
intelligent solutions for efficiency

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    Fans, compressors or generator drives: with the widest range of hydraulic pumps and motors, Rexroth provides virtually unlimited opportunities for implementing the rigth output power at the right place. Its components are finely scalable in terms of their configuration and output power, and therefore a perfect fit for diesel-powered rail vehicles.


Modular construction for confined installation spaces

The limited installation space in rail vehicles make a modular arrangement indispensable. The components forming an auxiliary drive can be flexibly configured so that the best possible arrangement of the hydraulic components within the rail vehicle is achieved without sacrificing ease of maintenance.


Hydrostatic fan drives

Their job is to dissipate the heat generated by the engine's combustion as it arrives at the cooler, thereby ensuring the optimal engine and combustion temperature. Intelligently controlled fan systems facilitate compliance with tthe legal emissions guidelines and they also reduce fuel consumption. Controlled via sensors, they cool as required depending on the measured temperature, and they consequently also produce lasting reductions in operating costs.

Compressor and generator drives

An extremely wide selection of axial piston units enables the required drive power to match exactly to the customer specification. The hydraulic motor's maximum output power available even when the diesel engine is at idle speed.