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Hydrostatic traction drives:
Precise and powerful

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    Maintaining extremely steady low speeds while generating superior driving force is no problem for Rexroth hydrostatic traction drives.


Rexroth provides both hydro-mechanical control (DA) and elctronic (EP) control systems. This enables the customer to choose the rigth solution for his machine: hydro-mechanical control with no need for electronics and classic operational schemes, or EP control in which the drive-specific characteristics can be mapped into software, and via Rexroth RC (PLC) controllers provide single-source advanced system solutions in an integrated package.

Advantages of hydrostatic traction drives:

  • The highest power density of all drive technologies enables savings to be made in terms of installation space and weight.
  • Low investment costs
  • Wide controlability range
  • Jerk-free and precise travel control, even at very low speeds
  • High response
  • Simple, quick and jerk-free reversing, full torque
  • High efficiency level ensures that there is low heat build-up when working at high traction force and low speeds.
  • Flexible installation configurations are possible due to the modular construcion, and in particular, allowing optimization of the layout of the diesel engine in the machine.
  • Customer specifications, such as, anti-slip, anti-slide control and ECO mode are easily accomplished.
  • The large selection of control schemes allows easy integration into the customer's existing system.