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Bucket wheel reclaimers


Bucket wheel reclaimers (bucket wheel drives)

Fit directly onto the driven shaft of your bucket wheel reclaimer, our reliable drive motors provide built-in overload protection that eliminates electric motor trip-outs. The overload protection, in combination with the low motor weight, reduces stresses on both the boom and the slew gear. The motors also allow infinite speed adjustment, which lets you adapt to the material condition.

Bucket wheel reclaimer handling gravel

Bucket wheel reclaimers (slew drives)

Thanks to their ability to start and stop without limitation, our drive solutions avoid the risk of overheating associated with electro-mechanical drives. In addition, they offer built-in overload protection for your slew drive. The infinite speed range and smooth, excellent control let you fully optimize production with your bucket wheel reclaimer.

Bucket wheel reclaimer drive solution

Bucket wheel reclaimers (long travel drives)

The small and powerful Hägglunds direct drive solutions from Bosch Rexroth are excellent for the long travel drives that move the big ship unloaders along the rails. They offer benefits such as simplicity, automatic load sharing and a non-complicated system. Furthermore they allow a compact and clean solution around the wheels and an improved maintenance with much better circumstances.

* perfectly balanced load sharing on the wheels

* excellent controllability

* low maintenance

Bucket wheel reclaimer drive solution