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Conveyor drives

Belt conveyors

With their unique ability to start and stop softly, our drive solutions keep the stresses on your conveyor belts to a minimum. Variable speed allows inching of the belt in forward and reverse for inspection and for positioning when slicing the belt. Alignment problems are eliminated, since the motor is mounted directly on the driven shaft.


Scraper chain conveyors

Scraper chain conveyors must be able to start up in any load condition, which is easily ensured with the high starting torque delivered by our drive solutions. Our drive systems can start and stop as frequently as needed, without the risk of overheating experienced by electro-mechanical drives. With their built-in overload protection, they simply do away with the risk of trip-outs.


• torque control protects the belt from overloads

• soft starts and stops keep belt stress to a minimum

• low speeds can be used for easy inspection

• high starting torque that can be maintained for an unlimited period of time