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Marginal Column
R7 electrohydraulic unit
Hydraulic power unit

Tough application

Efficient and flexible down hole pump drive, adapted to difficult oil extraction conditions.

Solved with

  • Cylinder with integrated position measuring system
  • Electric motor with increased slip and integrated flywheel mass
  • Monitoring via central control station

Wintershall Down Hole Pumps: More Productivity, Flexibility and Safety

Profound Advantage in Down Hole Pump Technology

Easily accessible oil deposits are becoming increasingly rare, while demanding oilfields impose great challenges on the deployed extraction technologies. Despite all difficulties, oil extraction will have to remain efficient, environmentally compliant and safe in the future, too. Wintershall Holding GmbH tested the performance of the R7 electrohydraulic unit provided by Rexroth to drive down hole pumps.


Wintershall Holding GmbH, located in Kassel, is Germany’s biggest producer of petroleum and natural gas. Similar to other oil extracting companies, Wintershall previously used down hole pumps with “nodding” pumpjacks at the wellheads. This technology is rather unwieldy as the string of sucker rods can be up to 3,000 meters long and weigh as much as 20 tons. Only massive mechanical drives of considerable height at the surface can manage this task.

Much better in comparison

This is where Rexroth can show their unique technological strength. At the production well La91 at Landau, Wintershall tested a common mechanical nodding pumpjack and the electrohydraulic down hole pump drive R7 by Rexroth, in order to compare both solutions in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Easy and safe control

The R7 can be comfortably started and configured from a central control station. An automatically generated dynamogram enables the operating staff to control the efficiency of the oil extraction process at any time. The cycle speed and the cylinder stroke can be flexibly adapted at the touch of a button to suit modified pumping conditions. A sophisticated overload protection system helps to reduce costly and timeconsuming repairs and downtimes. R7 scores with its low weight and space requirements and with improved safety. The installation does not contain any rotating components and thus reduces the injury risk for workers. Rexroth’s solution successfully passed the tests: Regarding the test criteria productivity and efficiency, the R7 was definitely ahead of its competitor.


Ingenious solution

The state-of-the-art electrohydraulic down hole pump drive system R7 replaces the previous mechanical "nodding" pumpjack.


"Simple and quick adjustment to suit varying production and inflow conditions makes for perfect pumping performance at all times."

Dimitry Kuznetsov, Wintershall