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IndraMotion MTX cta/ega – Additional solutions

Additional solution MTX for cutting machines

Process optimization with IndraMotion MTX cta and IndraMotion MTX ega

The cycle time analyzer IndraMotion MTX cta and the energy analyzer IndraMotion MTX ega are universal tools to achieve a selective and effective optimization of productivity and energy efficiency.

IndraMotion MTX cta – Cycle time analysis tool

  • Machine and process overview
  • Multi-channel and multi-process analysis
  • Machine and process analysis

The IndraMotion MTX cta cycle time analyzer is a high-performance tool for IndraMotion MTX CNC systems which is designed for the selective and effective optimization of machine cycle times

IndraMotion MTX ega – Energy analysis tool

  • General machine overview
  • Energy oscilloscope
  • Energy analysis

The IndraMotion MTX ega energy analyzer shows you how much energy the various process segments, machine components and tools are using. It can help you during commissioning and ongoing production to minimize energy consumption in your CNC machining process.