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IndraMotion MTX micro Trainer

The Rexroth IndraMotion MTX micro trainer in action on a computer

CNC Operation and Programming of IndraMotion MTX micro – learn it easily, master it quickly

With the software IndraMotion MTX micro trainer you can simulate the CNC control system IndraMotion MTX micro on a PC. The machine like representation of the operator panel and the user interface makes a realistic operating and programming possible - like at the real machine.

Learn easily how to operate and create CNC programs for the IndraMotion MTX micro from Rexroth. Debug CNC programs in a realistic environment upfront on the PC. Master your tasks in a short time while the machine runs production.

The programming of the IndraMotion MTX micro CNC programs is identical to the CNC control variants: IndraMotion MTX standard - IndraMotion MTX performance - IndraMotion MTX advanced.


  • Easy learning of the operation and programming of the IndraMotion MTX micro CNC controller
  • Testing of CNC programs in a realistic environment without the machine
  • Sample programs and documentation included
  • CNC programming is consistent with all IndraMotion MTX CNC controls
  • Cost free download