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4EE - your solution for greater energy efficiency


Competency across all technologies

You can optimize your energy efficiency in all phases of the machine life cycle. Isolated individual measures implemented in complex systems typically lead to only minimal success. Rexroth understands your requirements and knows how you can leverage the potential of all technologies. Whether it be electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics, individual components, or integrated solutions, our decades of experience has made us familiar with a wide range of complex dynamics. Our systematic 4EE approach helps you identify and exploit all areas in which energy can be saved, from design, to operation, through to modernization.


IndraMotion MTX ega – for identifying peak energy consumption

How can you minimize the energy consumed by your machine tool? The IndraMotion MTX ega shows you. Integrated directly in the NC kernel of the CNC control, it maps the energy consumption of process segments, components, and tools. An invaluable resource for commissioning and during operation.

IndraMotion MTX – standby functions Power as required

Your system will become even more efficient with the standby functions provided by IndraMotion MTX. The entire machine or parts of it can be deactivated (manually or automatically) in line with production sequences.

Sytronix – saving energy with variable speed

Variable-speed pump drives from the Sytronix series lower your operating costs for providing hydraulic pressure by actively controlling power consumption. As soon as a process no longer requires full capacity, the electric drive reduces the speed of the pump motor. The result: Your system operates much more efficiently and quietly.

IndraDrive – intelligent recovery

IndraDrive, the electric drives from Rexroth, impress with their innovative way of recovering energy. Depending on requirements, the system will buffer, redistribute, or recover energy. The compact IndraDrive Mi drive system combines a drive controller and motor in a single unit. This reduces the time and effort required for wiring and control cabinet cooling.