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Clamping hydraulics

Clamping hydraulics for cutting machine tools

Clamping Hydraulics – everything under Control

Increasingly greater machining forces, more complex geometries and as low a variance as possible in work piece carriers:

Reliable clamping and holding functions are an essential precondition for process reliability in metal-cutting machining.

Here, hydraulics shows its decisive advantages:

  • Its unique power density makes the required forces available while requiring a minimum of space.
  • Once the leak-proof valve (KSDE, SEC) has been closed, the pressure and thereby the force remain stable and the unit can be turned off.

The construction kit for compact power units opens up comprehensive control options for performing simple movements or complex motion sequences or dual-pressure clamping very efficiently and as required for the task at hand.

Delivery of ready-to-connect assemblies:

Apart from the great variety of components of the world’s most comprehensive hydraulics construction kit, Rexroth also offers standardized clamping circuits, which are delivered as ready-to-connect assemblies