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Ball rail system

Ball track guidance, linear motion technology for cutting machines
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For the ball rail system the rolling body is a ball. The runner block is comprised of several individual parts. It has a rolling body circuit which consists of a forward circuit and return circuit. The balls in the forward motion transmit the load of the carriage to the track and vice versa. Since the rolling bodies in the forward circuit are loaded, this area is also referred to as the loading zone. The rolling bodies in the return circuit are not loaded and are returned to the loading zone. This enables an endless guidance with unlimited lift.


The guide rail and runner block manufacturing process at Rexroth is so precise that every element is exchangeable. This allows any number of combinations. Each element can be scheduled and stored individually. Both sides of the guide rail can be used as a stop angle. Accessories are simply attached with screws on the front of the guide carriage.


  • High load ratings in all four main load directions
  • Easy exchangeability through precision manufacturing process
  • Speeds of up to 10 m/s and accelerations of up to 500 m/s² possible
  • Maintenance-free for a long time period
  • Lubrication connections possible on all sides
  • Optional with ball chain
  • Integrated, inductive and wear-and-tear-free gauge system available as an additional function
  • Guidance carriage in rust- and acid-resistant construction pursuant to DIN EN 10088
  • Guide rail available with cover tape
  • Extensive accessories program for special industry solutions (sealing, scrapers)