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Roller rail systems

Reel rail guidance linear motion technology for cutting machine tools
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Rexroth roller rail systems have been developed particularly for machine tools, industrial robots, and general engineering tasks, etc., which require compact, roller-based longitudinal rail guidance in various accuracy classes with high load-bearing capacity and high rigidity. Standard roller rail systems are suitable for all typical application cases. The extremely small design of the installation units in many sizes common in the industry feature similarly high load ratings in all four main load directions. Standard runner blocks can also be used for special installation, environmental and application conditions. Wide roller rail systems have been developed for high temporary loads and highest rigidities. There are suitable heavy load rail systems for heavy equipment engineering applications.


The guide rail and runner block manufacturing process at Rexroth is so precise that every element is exchangeable. This allows any number of combinations. Each element can be scheduled and stored individually. Both sides of the guide rail can be used as a stop angle. Accessories are simply attached with screws on the front of the runner block.


  • Unlimited exchange construction through standard guide rails with and without cover tape across all runner block options
  • Grease nipples possible on all sides, therefore maintenance-friendly
  • Low lubrication quantities due to innovative channel design
  • Smooth run due to optimal design of directional change and guidance of the rolls
  • Super-structural parts on runner block can be screwed in from the top and the bottom
  • Highest rigidity in all directions through additional screw connections in two drill holes in the center of the runner block
  • High torque capacity
  • Low suspension deviations due to the ideal infeed geometry and high number of rolls
  • The runner block is simply pushed onto the rail with the securing device
  • Integrated serial full sealing