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Maintenance unit AS1/AS2/AS3/AS5 series

Maintenance unit for the AS series from Bosch Rexroth

All functions, all sizes - the perfect pressurized air for any application

In addition to standard functions such as filtering, controlling and lubricating, the modular-structured maintenance unit also enables the integration of all specifically required functions such as shut-off valves, filling valves, distributors and non-return valves for compact measuring. The different flow dimensions and the variety of functions turn the AS series into universally usable maintenance units.


The AS family operates at the highest level with respect to quality, features an excellent design and can be individually configured to comply with the requirements of the industry and respective applications.

Modular concept:

It features a consistent modular design and offers an easily realizable adaptation to the respectively required outputs. This also allows an expansion of existing systems through the addition of functions or replacement of individual components

Small interlocking width, light and robust:

The modern industry design has garnered several awards and not only provides an appealing look but also critical technical advantages. It was possible to keep the interlocking width very small and due to the use of high-quality plastics, the maintenance units are very light, yet very robust. Add to that the sophisticated technology which automatically takes care of many functions and makes maintenance jobs easier.


  • Semi or fully automated condensate drain valves
  • Clogging indicator for pre and micro filters (AS2, AS3, AS5)
  • Simple detaching of the containers via bayonet locks (AS2, AS3, AS5)
  • Easily accessible unlocking system of the containers (AS2, AS3, AS5)
  • Large inspection window

Pressure control unit:

  • With ratchet
  • Lockable to protect against third party adjustment (AS2, AS3, AS5)


  • Patented system for semi-automatic oil filling (AS2, AS3, AS5)
  • Electrical filling level display (AS2, AS3, AS5)


  • Disassembly of individual components in installed condition
  • Retrospective expansion of individual elements


  • Smooth surfaces
  • Cleaning-resistant plastics
  • Won 2006 iF Product Design Award

Safety cages:

  • Safety cages made of PA for filters and lubricators (AS2, AS3, AS5)
  • Safety cages made of metal for filters and lubricators (AS1)
  • ATEX permit (AS2, AS3)