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Valve carrier system (CD01/02-PI)

Valve carrier system for cutting machine tools from Bosch Rexroth

The pneumatic valve carrier system CD01/02-PI offers highest flexibility combined with high standardization. Through the modular structure and robust design the valve carrier system is suitable for all application and control environments.

The CD01/02-PI features a modular design and can contain up to 32 valves. Valves with different overall widths and additional functions can be combined in one valve carrier system.


High flow rates

CD01 valve with an overall width of 26 mm have a flow rate of 1350l/min, CD02 valves have an overall width of 18 mm and realize a flow rate of 650 l/min.

Simplified machine design

For a simplified machine design, all electrical and pneumatic connections point in one direction. The plug-in valves allow a fast and simple exchange of valves within the valve carrier system.

Tailored applications through modular structure

Different valve sizes can be combined within a valve carrier system without requiring adapter plates. Pressure control devices can be integrated. The system can be expanded to up to 32 spools and can be controlled via fieldbus system or a multi-pole plug.

ISO Standard 15407-2 - different connections possible

For the new CD01/02-PI pneumatic valve carrier system the simultaneous pneumatic and electrical connection of the valves in the base plate is carried out in accordance with ISO Standard 15407-2.


  • ISO 15407-2
  • The product family concept uses HF electronics with ISO standard valves
  • Tailored applications possible through modular structure
  • High flow rate: 1350 or 650 l/min
  • All valve functions: 2x3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 with external pilot control
  • Optional internal/external pilot control in end plates
  • Robust structure thanks to connection plates and end plates made of aluminum
  • Direct or DIN rail installation
  • Multi-pole- and fieldbus connection