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Tough Application

Modular and powerful system solution for the production of tissues.

Ingenious Solution

Easy installation thanks to the modular design with cabinet-free servo drives.


„We consistently modularize our systems and thus save time, space, and costs.“

Joachim Loock, W+D

More Flexibility in Folding and Packaging

Winkler + Dünnebier in Neuwied, Germany, is one of the most renowned manufacturers of machines for the production of paper tissues: On dual lanes, the FLOWTOS system can produce up to 4,600 tissues per minute and also manages their hygienic packaging. The modular design, which takes advantage of Rexroth’s cabinet-free IndraDrive Mi servo drives, helps W+D to save time, space and costs.

Every day, more than 100 million packs of tissues are being produced worldwide. The production machines require not only very high speeds , but also maximum flexibility, to provide different tissue and packaging formats to meet individual customer requirements in a growing global market. Therefore the FLOWTOS machine is modularly designed and makes use of decentralized servo drives from Bosch Rexroth. They facilitate the processing of a wide range of different pulps. The stacking quantity and the number of packages in one bundle can be varied. The machine also offers a special folding method for “conventional” packages as well as compact travel packs.

Cabinet-free drive technology for maximum modularity

The size and number of tissues in one package can be configured at the touch of a button thanks to the cabinet-free IndraDrive Mi servo drives with the motion logic control from Bosch Rexroth, MLC. All drives are connected in series with a single cable that contains the power and control wiring – this does not only reduce the installation effort and cable length, but also simplifies quick retooling and the delivery of the machine modules at the customer’s site. There is no necessity for costly air conditioning; the IP65 drives dissipate heat freely into the surrounding manufacturing environment. The servo drives also serve as decentralized I/O connection points. Sensors can be directly connected to the servo controllers . The communication between the central control system, axis controllers, sensors, and I/O points is handled by the Sercos automation bus .