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Tough Application

Implementation of the most flexible and modular paper tissue machine

Ingenious Solution

Motion control system MLC and IndraDrive Mi simplify engineering and increase flexibility through modularization


"We simply add function modules, like web tension controllers, from Rexroth into the control source code"

Frank Jungbluth, W+D

Higher performance for tissues thanks to engineering partnership

Winkler + Dünnebier used the know-how of the automation experts from Bosch Rexroth starting already during the design phase of the new development of FLOWTOS. It was to be the most flexible and most modular machine of its kind. It produces up to 4,600 tissues per minute, it is easy to upgrade and also proves its speed and flexibility during changeovers.

The FLOWTOS does not just process two, three or four-ply tissue paper at lightning speed, but it also packages them so that they are ready for sale. For this project, the company got Bosch Rexroth, with over 20 years of industry experience, on board from the very beginning. The drive and control specialists participated in the machine development from conceptual phase, through commissioning, up to the market launch.

Support from A to Z

W+D and Rexroth achieved efficient engineering with a modular software concept, for example, which is constructed from ready-made technology functions and integrated software tools. Thanks to this, the W+D experts were able to concentrate on the individual processes. During the whole development process, application engineers from Bosch Rexroth were available to assist the W+D employees when ever needed.

Preprogrammed technology

For standard functions, W+D was able to simply add function blocks from Rexroth into the source code of the control. The company uses a variety of Rexroth software functions, including web tension controls, winding controllers, register controls and temperature controls. Dynamic cams determine the motion control in the paper tissue machine. With the "CamBuilder" software tool, complex movements can easily be graphically programmed and configured. An advantage of the electronic motion control : The operator can constantly optimize processes and even make settings on new products while the machine is running. In the background, the "FlexProfile" function package automatically adjusts the cam calculations.