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Inline cross cutter

Demonstration of an inline cross cutter from Rexroth

Our benefits for your machine

  • Energy-efficiency thanks to intelligent electronic cam disks and innovative drive technology
  • Faster engineering thanks to integrated technology functions, such as register control, winder function, overspeed, push-out, cosine-beta correction
  • Maximum productivity thanks to on-the-fly format changes without waste paper
  • Flexibility thanks to a scalable automation solution – from single axis to inline machine

How it works

One or multi-way cross cutters cut the unprinted or printed material, such as pouches, labels, films, metal, paper cardboard, sacks, corrugated cardboard etc. at a material speed of 400m/min or more. In case of format-variable synchronous cross cutters, the cutter bars are accelerated or decelerated in a highly dynamical manner until an accurate cut can be made. Energetically optimized electronic cam disks ensure precise entry into the sync area without any excess oscillation.