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Laminating machines

Graphic of a Rexroth laminating machine

Our benefits for your machine

  • Open system architecture for easy integration of foreign components
  • Little waste paper
  • Highly dynamic servo motors for best results already during the acceleration phase
  • Fast SPS logic with synchronized entries/exists for web tracking
  • Easy to operate, retool, diagnose and service
  • Simpler optimization options
  • Compact control cabinet design to reduce the machine’s required footprint
  • Low electric losses and electric supply performance reduce connection and operating costs

How it works

Laminating means connecting a thin, often foil-type layer with a carrier material with glue. Perfect production requires very high web speeds allowing for exact web tension over a large pull area. Mark register control for laminating in the correct position, e.g. for cold seals, is a highlight. Production data acquisition and job data management are requirements of innovative process automation. It allows for a very easy conversion of duplex and triplex lamination. Fast, safe integration and error-free winding are guaranteed at all times.