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The inner workings of folding machine

Our benefits for your machine

  • Electronic register control in IndraMotion integrated
  • Default and implementation even of lowest changes of the tensile stress with electric driven pull rolls
  • A simple stop of not required elements save energy
  • Tacking applications can optional integrated as a module into the control concept

How it works

In the Folder the printed lane is cut, is folded in different ways and so to the final product is processed (e.g., newspaper, flyer). First the lanes are brought together in the superstructure and are partly cut along. Then the first Folder takes place about the funnel which folds the multilayer lane about the following rollers pairs in longitudinal direction.

Then the string coming from the funnel is transported about pull rolls to the cutting cylinder and is cut in transverse direction, so multilayer sections appear. Now the real fold takes place about fold knife and fold flaps cylinder namely as an across fold. Finally, the product gets into the section of a paddle-wheel around about conveyor belts to be laid out. In Inline processing still other aggregate can be used in the fold machine like the 3rd fold for another folding in longitudinal direction.