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Assembly Technology

Rexroth Protective Barriers for assembly lines

Protective Barriers

The EcoSafe protective fence system is the ideal protection and safeguarding solution for many different areas in body-in-white production. The system is compliant with current Euro standards and comprises preassembled, interchangeable modules. EcoSafe is easy to plan, quick to install, and can be conveniently integrated in other Rexroth profile structures such as conveyors, ergonomic workstations, and custom machines.

Rexroth TS 2 plus Transfer System

TS 2 plus Transfer System

This system is a versatile transfer solution for a wide variety of tasks and parts. The modular design offers different conveying media such as polyamide belts, toothed belts, flat-top chains and accumulation roller chains, and specific units for curves, transverse conveyors, and position and drive units. Heavy-duty components are also available and include steel parts, reinforced conveyor profiles, stainless steel guides, and robust conveyor chains to handle extreme loads and harsh ambient conditions while reliably transporting workpieces weighing up to 200 kg.

Rexroth TS 5 Transfer System products

TS 5 Transfer System

The TS 5 transfer system transports loads of up to 300 kg. The drive concept, which features a vertical timing shaft, enables fast, easy, and cost-effective planning or enhancement of plants, even when very long production lines are involved. Additional benefits include a maintenance-free design, quiet operation, and high energy efficiency. The robust construction also makes the system particularly well suited to applications in the automotive industry.

Rexroth Manual Production System products

Manual Production Systems

Streamlined production throughout the entire plant - The Manual Production System (MPS) facilitates streamlined production and allows the user to develop a workspace using standard workstations, push-through racks, and workstation accessories that can be configured by the customer. These can then be modified further with components from the construction profile system to ensure compatibility with almost any application.

Rexroth VarioFlow Chain Conveyor System products

VarioFlow Chain Conveyor System

A defining characteristic of the VarioFlow chain conveyor system is the ease with which it is adapted to the respective task. VarioFlow can even handle critical areas where many other transport systems fail. Configuring the system on site for specific tasks thus typically requires exchanging just a few components such as the chain or slide rails. The exceptionally robust chain allows VarioFlow to withstand pull forces of up to 1,250 N, and the almost completely enclosed surface of the chain ensures that even small components are easily transported.

Rexroth EcoShape products


The EcoShape circular tube system makes combining angular and round elements a thing of the past. When EcoShape is integrated with the components of the Manual Production Systems (MPS) from Bosch Rexroth, customized solutions can be created to realize workstations, assembly trolleys, or shelves, for example. The product also serves as a tool for continually improving existing assembly lines and avoiding errors in accordance with the Kaizen or Poka-yoke principle. Save configuration time as well, since the components of the circular tube system form part of the MTpro engineering software.