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Electric Drives and Controls

Rexroth CNC Platform products

CNC-Platform - IndraMotion MTX

IndraMotion MTX is the individually scalable CNC platform with integrated PLC for controlling up to 64 axes (of which 32 have a spindle function in 12 independent CNC channels). Minimal PLC and CNC cycle times optimize your processing and idle periods. The open system platform is highly compatible with other systems. The CNC core, with comprehensive technology functions, ensures maximum flexibility. IndraMotion MTX also impresses with its user friendliness as it is easy to scale in performance and functionality.

Motion-Logic system

Motion-Logic - IndraMotion MLC

The compact MotionLogic system IndraMotion MLC gives you complete freedom to meet your integrated, modern machine automation requirements. Innovative software and firmware functions, straightforward engineering, and open interfaces safeguard maximum flexibility. Electric and hydraulic drive systems and comprehensive robot functionality can be quickly and easily integrated in the automation solution with the same tools and functions.

Human Machine Interface products

Human Machine Interfaces - IndraControl V

IndraControl V operating and visualization systems, which are scalable in functionality and performance and can integrate controller-based terminals and CE devices through to standard and high-end industrial PCs, offer a comprehensive device portfolio for operating and visualization applications. Boasting easy system integration via standardized communication interfaces as well as high performance and a future-proof design thanks to state-of-the-art processor technologies, the devices can be used for pure visualization purposes or with built-in PLC and motion functionality.

Servo Drive products

Servo Drives - IndraDrive

Whether it be as a main drive for servo presses, for electronic press transfer applications, or for realizing an automation solution in belt conveyor systems: The scalable IndraDrive work platform, which has a power range from 0.1 kW to 630 kW, can also easily integrate existing architectures. The ideal solution for all applications in which versatility, efficiency, and small installation space are key factors.

IndraDrive M Servo Drive products

Modular Servo Drives - IndraDrive M

Multi-axis applications are the domain of the modular system IndraDrive M. Power supply units provide the necessary DC bus voltage for the inverters. Compact single-axis or double-axis inverters and power supply units with integrated mains connection components enable particularly small footprint solutions for large axis groups.

IndraDrive C Servo Drive products

Compact Servo Drives - IndraDrive C

The ideal solution for all applications in which versatility, efficiency, and small installation space are key factors. IndraDrive C from Rexroth is greater in scope, more intelligent, and safer as well as uniquely scalable in output, functionality, and performance. Compact converters and modular inverters on an integrated platform. These devices can be combined in a cost-effective manner depending on the tasks and requirements of the application. Openness in communication with sercos and Multi-Ethernet interface for easy integration in different automation architectures.

IndraDyn MSK Synchronous Servo Motor products

Synchronous Servo Motors - IndraDyn MSK

The compact, high-performance IndraDyn MSK servo motor is characterized by its wide power spectrum and narrow size increments. The high torque density of these synchronous servo motors allows a particular compact design with maximum torques of up to 495 Nm.

IndraDyn MKE Synchronous Servo Motor products

Synchronous Servo Motors - IndraDyn MKE

IndraDyn MKE explosion-proof motors fulfill ATEX and UL/CSA specifications and allow a single machine to be developed and deployed on a global scale. With a continuous torque output ranging from 0.9 to 48 Nm, MKE motors combine exceptional reliability with a maintenance-free design and high overload capacities.