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Linear Motion Technology

Rexroth Roller rail system

Roller rail systems, linear bushings and shafts, and ball screw assemblies

These products offer performance-oriented solutions for a wide range of tasks that include transport, handling, positioning, and material provision for heavy-duty applications in particular. Our components maximize the service life of your plants thanks to their low or no-maintenance design and minimal assembly and commissioning times as well as a reliable spare parts supply maintained on a global scale. This is supplemented by short planning and development times made possible through the use of professional planning tools.

Rexroth handling system

Handling Systems

Automate easier, faster, and at lower cost with EasyHandling from Bosch Rexroth. EasyHandling is more than just a modular set of mechanical components. It completes the evolutionary transition to a comprehensive system solution: Drive and control technologies, standardized interfaces, and a revolutionary new commissioning assistant are all perfectly matched. Perfect interaction between these elements reduces engineering, assembly and commissioning time by up to 80 percent.