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Norms and standards


To guarantee the strict observance of the special rules and demands in the food processing and packaging industry and to avoid unnecessary endangering it is inevitably to know the laws valid for this branch.

International Standards

ISO 14159 and ISO 8086/1986...

European Union

Richtlinie 89/392 EWG für Maschinenanlagen, Normen für in der Nahrungsmittelindustrie eingesetzte Maschinen EN 1672-2, Maschinenrichtlinie 93/43/EWG, Kunststoffrichtlinien 90/128/EWG, Verpackungsmaschinensicherheitsnorm EN415...

Other Norms and Guidelines

DIN 10516, DIN 11483, DIN 40050, DIN 8573-1, FDA 21 CFR Part 11...