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Energy efficiency


Fast setup, high throughput, low energy consumption

A doubling of the product mix can increase the unit cost of all products by as much as 30% if production is not designed for maximum flexibility.

Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is a key metric which tracks the sum of all conforming products and actual machine availability.

Dial indicating energy savings, Bosch Rexroth energy efficiency

To achieve a high OEE, the manufacturers of food processing and packaging machines have to balance the different requirements during the design phase. They have to supply highly flexible machines with very short changeover times which deliver high throughput.

Productivity must be held at least at the same level while energy consumption decreases. The machinery and equipment must comply with extremely stringent hygiene standards, but they still have to be easy to operate and maintain. Users also expect that they will be able to seamlessly add individual machines and modules to their production line and synchronize them with upstream and downstream machines at the press of a button.

Quick setup improves overall equipment efficiency

End users need shorter setup times to increase overall equipment efficiency in their day-to-day operations. The latest advances in machine safety technology offer a very good opportunity to increase actual machine runtime. Rexroth's Safety on Board provides a number of safety functions in the servo drives. These functions have been certified for compliance to current standards, and they ensure fast reaction times by eliminating the command loop to the controller.

They also reduce setup time, which is another major advantage. In contrast to centralized solutions where power has to be shut off on an entire machine or major segments of a line, with Safety on Board only the drives which are affected have to be placed into a safe operating state. Once intervention is complete, production can restart again right away.