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Labelling machinery

How it works

The containers are infed via a conveyor belt or from an accumulating conveyor belt. The servo motor-driven infeed star takes over the containers and feeds them into the container table. It works synchronously with the feed screw and rotary disk of the labeling machine. Labeling machines run mostly at a constant speed, i.e. the container table rotates at a speed that is adjusted to the process.

The height at which the label is dispensed is exactly adjusted prior to the dispensing process. The label is brushed on directly after it is dispensed, which ensures a wrinkle-free, perfect fit. Different power units can be connected to a modern, modular labeling machine. The most widely used machines work with wrap-around labels. After applying the label or labels, the container is discharged after having been synchronously fed to a discharge star.

Our benefits for your machine

Ready-made technology functions, such as registration mark control and CamLock

Highly dynamic servo-drives for optimized container plate movement

Decentralized E/As via sercos III for sensors and actuators directly on the machine module