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Development of a handling device with shortest cycle times that is able to connect to industry 4.0


Open Core Interface for Drives for optimal integration in Industry 4.0 environments.


The HP70 fits in various Industry 4.0 environments via open interfaces to all common communication protocols and encoder systems.

Solved with

Interface technology Open Core Interface for Drives

IndraDrive servo drives with integrated motion-logic system


WEISS GmbH: Easy implementation of complex handling application via Open Core Interface for Drives

Fit for industry 4.0 thanks to Rexroth technology

Drive and control technology by Bosch Rexroth enables the automation specialist WEISS to extend the features of their handling device HP70, which can now also be easily integrated in future Industry 4.0 environments.

With an acceleration of up to 40 m/s² and an installation width of only 60 millimeters, the handling device is perfectly suited for high-dynamic pick-and-place applications. It achieves over 100 cycles per minute with a repeatability of 0.01 millimeters, beating effortlessly all records of typical pick-and-place devices. The HP70 handling device is a benchmark regarding footprint, safety and Industry 4.0 capability, not the least because of drive and control technology by Bosch Rexroth.

Rexroth technology offers decisive advantages

Due to the compact design of the IndraDrive drives the cabinet volume can be minimized. As a result, the HP70 saves up to 50% of the installation space width. The free space can be thus used for additional work stations which increases the productivity. The interface technology Open Core Interface for Drives plays an important role for the extended fetaures of the handling device as well. By enabling programmers on the one hand to work in their usual programming environment and on the other hand to access the drive-based motion-logic system and drive functions of the IndraDrives directly, programmers are able to save both time and effort. Furthermore it ensures a seamless data exchange of feedback position, process forces and speed, so that the handling device can also meet today's Industry 4.0 requirements. The safety demands for the high-dynamic pick-and-place applications are realized with the IndraDrive drives with Safe Motion, achieving the safety level SIL2.