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EasyHandling processes for solar power production

EasyHandling: More than just a kit of components

After the solar cells have been manufactured, they must be combined to form a complete panel. So-called stringing is a task suitable for EasyHandling, the modular single- and multi-axis handling systems. A high degree of standardization coupled with a comprehensive product range forms the basis for solutions that are equally individual and expandable.

Bosch Rexroth solutions such as EasyHandling which are available worldwide are your guarantee of long service life. Complete system solutions can be expanded and modified step-by-step.

Your Benefit

  • Electromechanical and pneumatic actuators can be freely combined for optimal solutions
  • Form-fitting "Easy-2-Combine" connection technology replaces up to 70% of the production parts
  • Very short set-up assembly and commissioning time when commissioning
  • Short engineering times

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