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IndraDrive for solar power production facilities

IndraDrive: Preventative diagnostics through intelligent drives

The new module drive system IndraDrive from Rexroth offers more flexibility, productivity and precision. IndraDrive covers the performance range of 0.1 to 630 kW. All standard guidance communications systems such as SERCOS interface, PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, analog and parallel interface are supported.

The IndraDrive safety technology complies with European safety guidelines without the need of additional hardware or an additional loop in the open loop control system.

Your Benefit

  • Online / Offline envelopes (freely selectable signals)
  • Frequency response analysis (evaluation and interpretation of up to 4 response points)
  • Detection of looseness, stiffness, friction
  • Long-term process data recording, fault memory and frequency statistics

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