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Laser applications


More applications for cell production:



  • Laser edge insulation
  • Laser structuring of thin-film modules
  • Wafer drilling
  • Laser ablation on absorption surfaces


Standardized solution for swift integration: IndraMotion MTX

  • Scalable CNC platform, motion control and PLC functions united in one system
  • Individually scalable in terms of performance and function

Open solution for standard-beating functions: NYCe 4000

  • Compact high-motion control system with integrated drive technology
  • For ultra-dynamic processes with maximum positioning accuracy

Your Benefit

  • Low-cost solution using products that can be scaled to the needs of the application
  • Simplified mechanical design using ironless linear motors without pulling forces
  • Swifter machine engineering with pre-programmed technology functions as module library.
  • Maximum flexibility with the compact NYCe 4000 high motion control system