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BODAS Application software

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BODAS – The modular software system
Application-specific solutions

The scalable BODAS software concept offers the right solution for all applications. From ready-made standard application software packages (ASrun, ASopen, ASlibrary) to customer-specific solutions, you can always rely on the extensive application know-how from Rexroth.

Standard application software
We offer field-tested, ready-to-use application software for your working machines: ASrun. The ready-made BODAS software components are compatible with eachother and allow an individual configuration. By using the BODAS tools and the user-friendly documentation, you can put your working machine step-by-step into operation, all on your own.

Customizing and add-on modules
In case of specific requirements, all software solutions can be expanded quickly and effectively at any time with ASopen. You can program these extensions yourself using the BODAS tools or a C application and integrate ready-made BODAS add-on modules (ASlibrary).

Customized solutions
BODAS allows you also to independently program your software. You get a customized solution that fully meets your personal requirements. Of course you can also rely on Rexroth as a proven service provider for the development of individual concepts.