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BODAS Controllers

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BODAS – The hardware kit
Robust controllers for the harsh mobile daily work

BODAS controllers are the high-performance backbone of the BODAS system. On the one hand, they receive and process signals from operating devices and sensors. On the other hand, they calculate and generate output signals to pumps, motors, valves and accessories. BODAS controllers are freely programmable and are also available with pre-installed application software. In terms of reliability and economy, your solution will be hard to beat.

Our controllers can handle it

  • Robust housing developed by Bosch - proven more than a million times in the automotive industry
  • Resistant to external influences, such as salt spray, oil, fuels and pollution
  • Protection class IP65 or higher
  • High temperature resistance for use in wintry high mountains and in the tropics (-40°C to +85°C)
  • High mechanical resistance for rough use on construction sites, in the field and on the road
  • High degree of electromagnetic tolerance
  • E1 certification

Flexibility in the field

  • Multi-functional inputs
  • High number of power outputs in a small space
  • High performance thanks to Infineon TriCore™ processors
  • Sufficient memory, even for complex applications
  • BODAS-service common diagnostic tool for flashing, parameterization, process variable visualization and error memory display
  • Several CAN bus interfaces for communication with other controllers and input and output devices