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Marginal Column

Technical Data:

  • Size: 35 cm3
  • Nominal pressure: 250 bar
  • Maximum pressure: 280 bar
  • Speed: 3.000 min-1
  • Through drives: Universal through-drive makes it simple to change the through-drive type without changing the part number
  • Hydraulic ports:
    Available with inch threads
  • Mounting flange: SAE-B
  • Shafts: 1" 15T
  • Data sheet: RE 92650

Background and function

The A1VO is an variable displacement axial piston pump, swashplate design, for on-demand flow generation in open loop circuits (primarily implement hydraulics circuits and steering).

  • Compact design
  • Controls/regulators integrated into the port plate
  • A10-controls adaptable
  • High power density
  • Seven piston rotary group
  • Universal through drive
  • Interchangeability due to Mounting flanges similar to gear pumps
  • All ports located in port plate, none in the housing
  • No high pressure connection to the housing
  • Poka Yoke concept to avoid wrong assembly