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The innovative technology of SILENCE PLUS

Continuous tooth contact reduces
operating noise

A non-involute rounded tooth profile, combined with helical cut teeth, forms the heart of the SILENCE PLUS. Thanks to permanent tooth contact the fluid is transported almost continuously and noiselessly. The possibility of noise from trapped oil between the tooth flanks is prevented in the first place.



Hydrostatic bearing ensures long service life

The high performance and long service life of the SILENCE PLUS is due to a Rexroth patented solution: Hydrostatic grooves provide wear-free compensation for the internal axial forces generated in the helical gear – even at pressures up to 280 bar!


Compatible with Rexroth external gear
pump series

The AZPJ-2x series of the SILENCE PLUS family first includes the nominal sizes 12 – 28 cm3/revolution. With dimensions identical to other series of Rexroth external gear pumps, the noise-reduced SILENCE PLUS is simple to integrate into existing systems. This means: A simple replacement makes work machinery quieter with the same quality and efficiency.