Fixed motor A2FM/70

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Customer benefits

  • Compact design with built-in flushing and boost-pressure valve
  • Increased power density compared
    to series 61
  • 3 pressure ranges to fit to different customer requirements and applications
  • High overall and starting efficiency (best in class)
  • Robust 40° bent-axis technology

Further information


Compact design and high performance

Ambitious emission regulations require new engine generations to be equipped with modern exhaust gas after-treatment systems. The fitment space necessary for these engines is higher than for previous generations. Moreover, these combustion engines show a different performance characteristic. As a result, hydraulic systems have less space available and its components have to be more efficient in order to maintain today’s productivity of working machinery. The Rexroth A2FM axial piston fixed motor series 70 offers answers: a compact design, high power density, a range of pressure levels and a variety of options.

Compact design and higher power density
The compact design of the Rexroth A2FM series 70 offers a higher power density than the series 61. The compact design is realized by several design measures such as an optimized rotary group, improved positioning of the port plate and the integration of the flushing valve. For example, the A2FM series 70 with 90 cm³ is up to 26% shorter than the comparable product of the series 61 (with sidewise ports and external flushing valve).


High efficiency and high speed capability
Bosch Rexroth has long-standing experience in the development of reliable and robust 40° bent-axis technology. Rexroth A2FM series 70 continues the success story of the A2FM series 61 and provides best in class overall and starting efficiency as well as high speed capability. The motors are designed for up to 5.000 rpm.

Different pressure levels
Rexroth A2FM series 70 is designed for use in a variety of applications such as concrete mixers, combine harvesters, mobile cranes, drilling equipment and rolling mills. The A2FM series 70 axial piston fixed motor is available in different pressure levels from 300 / 350 up to 450 / 500 bar with an increased power density compared to series 61.


Wide variety and options
Due to the large range of possible applications and the resulting differing requirements, the Rexroth A2FM is modular in its design and offers a variety of options:

  • Different sizes
  • Several flanges for plug-in version and mounted version
  • Service ports in different directions and versions
  • Variety of shaft options
  • Wide range of valves and sensors