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Modular directional valves – ED assembly - 12/2014

Bosch Rexroth introduces the “Modular directional valves – ED assembly brochure”: released to simplify the modular system’s selection, depending on the target applications. Thanks to the complete products list, the clear symbols and feasible options, the brochure can guide the user in the component’s choice. The ED assembly brochure is based on the “Slice ED concept”, which replaces the traditional “6 ways directional valve system” allowing potentially infinite combinations to match any customers needs and to improve their machines performances.

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EDC Control block – modular directional valve flow sharing system

Bosch Rexroth introduces the innovative Directional Control Valve size 6 with Flow Sharing (LUDV) which allows to calibrate the flow range out of each port by means of an external adjuster. It is the ideal solution, easy to fit, to manage simultaneous movements in small or medium mobile equipment.

EDD Control block – modular directional valve

Bosch Rexroth introduces this innovatory Directional Control Valve size 8 which allows to create electro-hydraulic control of actuators (motor or cylinders) in open circuits. It is the ideal solution for any possible mobile and industrial application when the required flow rate it is over standard NG06.


HICFP – Electrohydraulic remote control manifolds

Standardized series of electrohydraulic remote control manifolds fitted with pressure reducing valves of the high-performance category.