The next generation of external gear pumps

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Get your professional noise measuring app


The new noise measurement app made by Rexroth is the perfect tool for engineers who need to assess machinery noise levels quickly. There is no need to dig out an additional measurement device. With this special app, calibrated smartphones can achieve an accuracy which comes close to those of professional sound level meters.


A quantum leap in noise reduction

With their SILENCE PLUS Rexroth introduces a new generation of external gear pumps whose noise level has been reduced by an average of 15 dB(A) compared with a conventional external gear pump. The new pump is also characterized by a subjectively much more pleasant, deeper sound.

The SILENCE PLUS is of special interest for use in applications with electric motor drives – for example in fork lifts, lift platforms or industrial power units. Such drives then become significantly quieter in pressure ranges up to 280 bar.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Average 15 db(A) less noise than standard external gear pumps
  • Reduced noise exposure for machine operators and the surroundings
  • Cost savings by eliminating secondary noise reduction measures
  • Helps to meet legally prescribed noise limits
  • High efficiency and long service life
  • Compatible with all other Rexroth external gear pumps for ease of retrofit



John Connell Award for SILENCE PLUS

The significant noise reduction of the SILENCE PLUS convinced the english jury.

Industriepreis 2011 for SILENCE PLUS

The new noise-reducing exernal gear pump convinced the jury.