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Fast moving mobile working machines are often equipped with a hydrostatic travel drive and a standstill transmission. The drawback is that the required tractive force and speed range must be selected before starting off. This means, it is not possible to run through the entire tractive force and speed ranges. Switching between the operating ranges is only possible manually when the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

The patented Rexroth Shift on Fly concept SOF, which was developed together with well-known gear manufacturers, reduces this time loss and inefficiency. SOF is based on a synchronized gear shifting and enables starting off in the first gear without tractive force compromises. At the same time, the high efficiency of the hydrostatic travel drive is maintained. Switching into the second gear can be done while moving. In contrast to a standstill transmission, the desired maximum speed is achieved noticeably faster. These rapid, reversible gear changes while driving contribute significantly towards increasing the efficiency of mobile working machines.