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Pure Power Hydraulic Filter Media

Pure Power filter media

Breakthrough filter media technology for maximum hydraulic system performance – only from Bosch Rexroth.


50% more dirt holding capacity equals better hydraulic filtration

Put the power of Bosch Rexroth innovation to work in your hydraulic filtration systems: The PWR family of hydraulic filter media represents a dramatic step forward in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Rexroth hydraulic filter technology.

Using an advanced six-layer design and new filter materials, the PWR family of hydraulic filter media features 50% more dirt holding capacity. The result: longer filter service life; reduced replacement intervals leading to lower operating and maintenance costs; and substantially improved fluid filtration to protect your hydraulic cylinders, manifolds, pumps and other systems from contaminants.


Enhanced protection and performance

50% more capacity

Studies suggest up to 80% of hydraulic system malfunctions can be traced to fluid contamination. Bosch Rexroth engineered our PWR filter media to absolutely minimize fluid contamination.

Combining revolutionary microglass materials and a proprietary six-layer design, the PWR filter elements enhance fluid filtration in three key ways:

  • Improved retention rates – which measure how many particles of a given size the filter retains
  • Increased dirt holding capacity – the decisive factor governing filter replacement intervals
  • New electrically conductive filter layer – to dissipate potential electrostatic discharges in zinc- and ash-free oils, preventing static sparks that can contaminate fluid and burn holes in filter media

Better filter elements reduce TCO

Reduce TCO

When you choose Rexroth PWR filter media, you invest in filter technology designed to ensure peak performance over the entire life cycle of your hydraulic system, helping reduce your TCO through:

Reduced filter replacement intervals – Instead of three filter exchanges, only two are required under optimized conditions for the same time period, which means that labor, material and disposal costs for a complete filter exchange are omitted.

More reliable filtration – PWR filter element’s optimum retention rates and antistatic effect increase filter efficiency and prevent damage, decrease system downtime, and lower repair and parts replacement costs due to contaminant-related wear, enhancing overall equipment effectiveness and operating lifetimes.