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Press and Forming Cylinders

  • Large Hydraulic Press Cylinder
    Large Hydraulic Press Cylinder

    Press and Forming Cylinders

    Highly dynamic applications, such as presses for scrap, paper, baling, laundry and pipe bending require special features. For that reason, Rexroth produces high quality customized hydraulic cylinders for presses in order to meet all your requirements.


Industrial hydraulic presses and forming installations, mostly down stroking presses, are used in very diverse industries. From sheet metal forming presses up to industries that work with plastic and rubber where compression presses are needed. Requirements therefore vary from low force high speed up to high force low speed. Rexroth's cylinders are always developed to meet the right requirements and quality standards: from slab press cylinders to baling press cylinders to forging press cylinders.


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Press and Forming Cylinders

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Special Features

  • Optimum design because of application experience and highly specialized calculation and simulation tools
  • Piston rod coating, where required, with an extremely high wear and corrosion resistance
  • First class seal- and bearing configuration for demanding an aggressive environment and long life time
  • Special rod sealing for submerged solutions
  • Manifold block, pre-fill valve or measuring system integrated in the cylinder design
  • Integrated high quality piping
  • Special design based on fatigue calculations