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Enduroq 3: Welded overlay surface technology

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    Enduroq 3

    Enduroq 3 is the latest development in welded overlay coatings. Characteristics match those of the former 3000 series, although the layer is applied in by means of an improved coating process.

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Enduroq 3, based on the laser cladding process, is specifically suited to situations where the chance of mechanical impact is higher. Its characteristics combine for optimal cylinder functionality in high corrosion industries. Especially in extreme environments, like that of the offshore industry, Enduroq 3 is an excellent solution.

Overlay Welding

Overlay welding has been introduced in specific offshore applications where large piston rods are exposed to splash zones and highly dynamic mechanical loads. The exceptionally severe application circumstances in deep water offshore drilling require surface technology properties outside the conventional galvanic or thermal sprayed technologies can provide.Rexroth uses the laser cladding process to apply a cobalt based alloy (Ultimet) onto a steel rod. With the in-house production of the overlay welding surface technology, piston rods with a rod diameter of up to 600 mm can be equipped with the welded overlay.

Enduroq 3

The Enduroq 3 is a single layer surface technology. Its characteristics combine for optimal cylinder functionality in high corrosion industries. The unique corrosion protected surface technology with no porosity and zero permeability guarantees long lasting surface protection.

Laser cleaning

The surface is treated with a laser cleaning process in order to create optimum steel surface properties for Bosch Rexroth's welding processes, along with ensuring a spotless surface. Removing all dirt and oxidal layers is made possible by using the latest technology and excluding the human factor. this enables Rexroth to enforce maximization of its quality standards throughout the production process. The result: The highest quality products

Customer benefits

  • Extreme corrosion protection
  • No porosity
  • Zero permeability
  • High ductility
  • Highest quality standards
  • Longer lifetimes
  • Minimum downtime
  • Easy field repair