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Rod coatings

  • Enduroq 1 series
    Enduroq 1 series

    Enduroq 1 series

    Rod coating for hydraulic and hybrid cylinders to substitute chrome and nickel chrome layers

  • Enduroq 2000 series
    Enduroq 2000 series

    Enduroq 2000 series

    The art of surface technologies: Improving uptime whilst reducing Total Cost of Ownership

  • Enduroq 3 series
    Enduroq 3 series

    Enduroq 3 series

    Improving uptime whilst reducting Total cost of ownership

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Surface technology is one of the most essential aspects of large cylinders. Enduroq is an integrated concept that can select, engineer and produce the best surface technology in any industry or application

Enduroq: optimal rod coating for each application

Newly created technological methods for surface technologies, have replaced old technologies, like plasma sprayed Ceramax. Laser cladded, thermal spraying and overlay welding have become the standard. Together, these in-house technologies form Rexroth's brand name for rod coatings: Enduroq.

For all environmental situations, Enduroq surface technologies can offer excellent solutions. Furthermore, Enduroq integrates concepts for selecting, engineering and producing leads, steering to the highest quality products and services.

Meeting the highest industry standards and requirements, Rexroth offers the following surface technologies:

Enduroq 1 series (Laser cladded surface technology)

Enduroq 2000/2200 series (Thermal sprayed surface technology)

Enduroq 3 series (Laser cladded surface technology)