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Retrofit and modernization

  • Large hydraulic cylinder overhaul
    Large hydraulic cylinder overhaul

    Retrofit and modernization

    When the overhaul of a large hydraulic cylinder is required it is essential that the lead-time of the overhaul is kept to a minimum. Rexroth is your perfect partner in quick, efficient and reliable overhauls.

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Please get in contact with our large hydraulic cylinder service headquarters directly through:

Telephone: +31 (411) 651 951



Read more about the latest Cylinder Integrated Measuring System (CIMS) for large hydraulic cylinders.



Bosch Rexroth offers several system functional adjustment and performance improvements. In case large hydraulic cylinders and systems do not meet the original expectations or if based on customer request the performance needs to be extended to a new specification Bosch Rexroth can offer engineered services.


Supported by the Bosch Rexroth original production plants and engineering departments, modernization of custom built Large Hydraulic Cylinders and Systems with the latest technology to increase life time and performance of the equipment.

Seal and rod technology

Continuous fundamental research leads to availability of new seal and rod technology for large hydraulic cylinders. Detailed knowledge of tribology (combined performance of hydraulic fluid, rod, seals and bearings configuration) with in-house endurance testing capabilities enables Bosch Rexroth to offer new leading technology. The drivers are: extended lifetime by reduction of friction, corrosion protection etc. Fluid expertise and fluid management are vital in-house competences.